What to consider while designing your kitchen?

What to consider while designing your kitchen?

Nine steps for designing your new kitchen 


Kitchens used to be a scary workplace, but today, it’s a place where we spend a lot of time in. For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the house and not only a place to cook. 

Whatever your plans to design a new kitchen are, we’re here to help you design a kitchen like a pro.


Whatever your budget is, and whatever your style is, there are different things to take into consideration if you want to design a beautiful kitchen that meets your expectations.


Here are some tips to make it as easy as possible for you:


  1. Thinking about the best design for your kitchen:


Thinking and planning for your kitchen will ensure a lot of years full of joy and happiness. Since you will spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you have to go through the entire classic and simple kitchen designs and put in mind things like warm colors and comfortable seats.


Before starting to design your kitchen, think first of the appearance, colors, and electrical appliances, such as the microwave and the fridge. Decide where you want to put the dining table. Change the layout several times, and every time, change the cupboards and appliances until you reach a proper and convenient setup that suits you and suits the available space.


  1.  The Kitchen space: 

Space is the first criterion to be put into consideration, since the available space determines the type of design and pieces that can be added. Use a pen and paper when it comes to dividing the kitchen space and start measuring the available space. Decide if you want to put a dining table in the middle and keep in mind the available space for storage.



  1.  Kitchen floor scheme:

Suitable and well-equipped workspace reduces stress and makes cooking time better. We advise you to make your kitchen floor scheme that includes all the measurements needed.


Make sure that you design a large corridor in your initial plan. It should give you enough space to move freely and safely.


Get the floor dimensions as well as the location and dimensions for the doors and windows. Then, locate the nearest air hole for your hood.


  1.  Design your kitchen around appliances:

It’s always good to choose new kitchen appliances first. And by taking into consideration the appliances, you can design your cupboards and the work areas around them. Take time to think about the size of your appliances as it’s difficult to put large appliances in a small kitchen. For example, choosing a big stove can lead to a very small work surface.


 Take care of the angels when locating the cupboards and appliances and make sure that the cupboards’ doors and appliances are fully functional. Plan the door’s space and its swing direction while designing your kitchen. Put the appliances away from the corners and make sure that doors don’t collide and open fully and smoothly.


  1.  Storage: 


Have a large storage space next to the sink and oven in order to have a quick and easy access.


Plan for enough space next to the drawers and cupboards in order to support your activities.


  1.  Add more storage space to your kitchen:


You can use dead corners (such as rotating shelves in the lower cupboards) or add small kitchen shelves behind the cupboard's drawers. You can also put some storage baskets on the cupboards. 

You may want to consider merging the garbage cans or recyclable materials in the lower cupboards. 



  1.  Make your space brighter with lighting:

Lighting is considered a very important detail that worth planning carefully. Different light bulb colors, shapes, and locations can make a huge difference. Think of how natural sunlight light can affect your kitchen space.


Choose light colors that makes your space brighter.


  1.  Kitchen floor:

You may use different kinds of marble that can add a very luxurious touch to your kitchen. It is considered as one of the best materials because it can easily be cleaned.


 If you want to go for cheaper options, then you can use any kind of ceramic. You can add a PVC floor that mimics the shape of a wooden floor. 


  1.  Kitchen accessories: 


After finishing the design phase, the most exciting step starts when you start adding the kitchen accessories. You can add some paintings or drawings or use glass storage boxes.


Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, or eating, the kitchen needs to be a space where you enjoy spending time in.