Tips for Buying High-quality Furniture in Abu Dhabi

Tips for Buying High-quality Furniture in Abu Dhabi

If you’re buying home or office furniture and you’re low on cash, that doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice the quality when you're buying new furniture.

We are here to help you with useful tips for buying high-quality furniture:



1. Handmade wooden furniture


Handmade wooden furniture is made with more attention to details and is less likely to be damaged by day-to-day use. So, it should be one your considerations when you think of buying high quality furniture.


2. Check wood type


There are many types of wood that are used by furniture manufacturers. However, most falls into three main categories:


-Hardwood: It's a hallmark of high-quality furniture.  It's the most expensive type, but it's very solid.


-The wooden shell: It is a combination of a chemical-rich fibrous slab, compressed wood panels, and glue with several thin layers of high-quality wood. So, if you want to buy a wardrobe, a bed, or even an office chair, make sure that it's not made of wood shell.


-Compressed wood: is a hallmark of low-quality furniture, which is basically a mixture of sawdust and glue.


3. Legs are the most important part.


Whatever the sofa looks like, if the legs are weak, you may lose your money. The legs of the chairs, tables and sofas should be heavy, wooden and not nailed. Plastic, rubber, or metal legs don't look good and can damage the floor.

Extra leg in the middle is highly recommended, and extra support is always a good idea! 


4. Check the drawers and cabinets


You won't buy a car without taking it for a ride. Similarly, you shouldn't buy furniture unless you're sure it's reliable.

Open the cupboard and pull the drawers out to ensure that the slides work smoothly. Make sure that the drawers close properly and completely.


5. Final Touches:

The final touches will tell you everything about the quality level. 

You should touch all the surfaces and edges of the furniture to check if it's soft and free of scratches, corrosion, or cracks.


6. Upholstery:


The most important indicator of good upholstery is comfort. Test it by sitting on the sofa for a couple of minutes, checking the basic construction, and getting the manufacturer's catalog to see what's inside.

The frame of the couch should be solid and not relaxed when one of the corners is lifted.


7. Check the weight:


As a general rule, the heavier the furniture, the higher the quality. 

A sofa or a table that is made of high-quality wood, needs at least two persons to lift it. So, always keep the weight in mind when shopping for high quality furniture.