Seven Tips for Buying Kids Furniture in Dubai with Considerations for Their Safety

Seven Tips for Buying Kids Furniture in Dubai with Considerations for Their Safety

When you plan to buy furniture for your kids, the first thing you may consider is how fun, bright, or funky it is, or if it will match with the color theme of your kids’ bedroom


Kids are just young once, so let them have fun! Style is an important factor, but you will find that it is of a great benefit to keep safety in your mind when choosing your kid's furniture – whether it is beds for girls or for boys.


From sport cars beds to crown-shaped chairs, fun within kids' furniture helps children feel like their bedrooms are their safety zones. 


Let your children participate in choosing their furniture, especially if your toddler is transitioning from a crib to a single bed.


Here are some ideas and tips on how to make the right choice when buying new furniture for your children's bedroom

1. Avoid used furniture


Second hand furniture can be cheaper, but used items may put your child’s health at risk. Thoroughly clean and sanitize any furniture pieces you bring to your home.


2. Longevity of the Furniture


You should make sure that you are investing your money into worthy and reliable furniture.


keep in mind how fast kids grow. Your kid may not fit into his or her bed in a matter of few years.


When buying children's furniture, you should be looking for durable materials that can save you a lot of hassle and money in the future.


3. Color mix


Look for pieces of furniture that have multi colors. kids love that!

For example, storage shelves with rainbow colors would be perfect for a young child’s room. 


Your kid’s bedroom theme could be as simple as their favorite colors. It can also include their favorite cartoon characters.


4. Multi-functional furniture


Nowadays, you can find variety of multi-functional furniture in the market, that’s designed to meet several needs. For example, you can find beds that can also be used as a desk. Many of those incorporate drawers, shelves, and much more. You can also find beds with kid’s favorite fictional characters.


Bunk beds are perfect for children. Try not to choose beds that are too high, and make sure they have safety bars.

You may also consider loft beds, with a ladder leading up to a single top bunk, and a space underneath where you can place furniture such as a desk or sofa.


5. Storage space


Try to buy modern furniture that matches the overall aesthetic of the room. 

You could buy beds with built-in storage compartments that will give your teenagers more space to store their belongings. 


 6. Ask Your Child


Make sure to ask your kids for their opinion before making a final decision. Every child has a different taste, so it’s always a good idea to ensure that they’re involved and happy with the furniture you choose.


7. Safety is key


Consider the following safety tips:


a- Avoid Sharp Edges


Be careful with sharp-edged furniture for your children - especially for babies and toddlers. You may add silicone or plastic corner protectors on the sharp edges.


b- Avoid fragile parts in your kid’s furniture 


c- Go for wide and low Dressers


Consider dressers with strong and broad base.


d- We recommend putting safety locks on the lower drawers if you have babies or toddlers.


e- Consider non-slip tables if you plan to use them to place food or hot drinks.